3 Tips for You to Keep Your Body Healthy after Eid Mubarak

3 min readMay 31, 2021

It is a tradition for the Muslim community to visit family members during Ramadan, especially to eat specific Ramadhan dishes such as Opor and Ketupat. Can you imagine having to visit 2 or more household eating those sinful delicious Ramadhan goodies?

Here are some tips for you to stay healthy even after those sinful Ramadan dishes!

1. Drink enough water!

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Ramadhan dishes are typically heaty for us, with the amount of sugar it is no wonder we’ll get a sore throat and even fall ill (with people suspecting it could be COVID). So in order to prevent that, it is advisable to be drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Do you know that drinking a healthy amount of water also helps flushing your body off those excess sugar? — Healthline

What’s more — it’s also a great way to keep yourself going in the blistering heat from 1 house to another!

2. Consuming papaya

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Papaya is a sweet-tasting tropical fruit with a squash-like shape, yellow-orange peel, and coral-colored inner flesh with seeds. Have you heard someone saying that Papaya could help you lose weight?

In fact, Papaya may not be directly involved in weight loss progress, but it contains a unique enzyme called papain which is sometimes touted for its ability to promote weight loss and fat burning.

3. Exercise — Working it all out!

As always, what’s better to lose them calories and those sinful munches by sweating it all out?

Though it’s always a delight to celebrate Ramadhan, we always end up with a tummy from the festive eating. While it is a celebration, it’s important that we take good card of ourselves (especially during the pandemic!).

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