Save money on your car or bike parts from Indonesia

2 min readApr 6, 2023

Owning any vehicle in Singapore isn’t anywhere close to affordable. With the recent COE prices breaking yet another record, closing at $96,501 from the previous high of $93,503 for cars; and motorcycle COE closing at $12,001. It is no wonder we drivers (and riders) look to other ways to save money.

What is COE?

COE also known as Certificate of Entitlement is a permit-like concession that’s required to be purchased on top of any vehicle ownership. That would mean paying an extra $96,501 on top of the vehicle cost which can really add up heavily to the vehicle ownership.

For instance, a Toyota Vios would have easily cost S$200,000 just to get it on the road, and an average motorcycle ownership can go anywhere from S$20,000 to S$80,000 depending on the models you set your eyes on.

Not forgetting that COE only lasts for 10 years, before you’re left with scrapping the vehicle or renewing another 10 year cost of buying a new COE. It is no surprise that we save on other areas as much as we can.

Photo by Lynde:

Getting parts cheap?

Starting with what you would need you will first need to be familiar with the car part number. Once you get that information, you can start searching for original parts or OEMs depending on your preference.

Indonesia has a lot of marketplaces you can look for them at, just to name a few:

After which, you can reach out to us at Indo4ward by pasting the product link and checking out from our platform. (Essentially buying from Indonesia with Indo4ward)

Choke Cable found on Indo4ward:

An example of how cheap it can get in Singapore with a motorcycle part.

  • A brake cable in a Singapore workshop can charge from S$40 to S$65.
  • A brake cable you can get in Indonesia directly can be as low as S$5 from the original manufacturer.
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh:

With a little grease on the arm, you can save that much on the replacement parts just that easily. Of course, do remember to make sure you’ve got it all prepared for and well equipped to make the drive/ride safe after the DIY.




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